Renewable energies.
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FSR is an international technology company specialized in renewable energy certification, tokenization, and finance.


About Us

Our mission is focused on:

  • Driving projects to accelerate the energy transition.
  • Applying technology as an innovation tool to provide comprehensive, advanced, and decentralized services.
  • Assisting our clients in transforming their technological idea into a fully functional reality.
  • Achieving long-term strategic commitments with our clients.


Environmental attributes of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Renewable Energy Certification.

Renewable Energy Certificates Tokenization (RECs).

Tokenized RECs sale.

Reliable funds' income for renewable energy generators.

Tokenization - Blockchain

Asset Tokenization: Real estate developments and assets.

Tokenization in the sports industry.


Financial Solutions

We design and develop centralized and decentralized financial solutions based on cryptocurrencies, integrating with the traditional financial system.

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Partners & Clients

Our distinguished strategic partners and clients, indispensable for our organization development and progress.



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